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AVG Family Safety for Windows mobile

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What is AVG Family Safety® for mobile?

AVG Family Safety® for mobile is a free, secure web browser that helps you make the right choices while you or your loved ones are online. AVG Family Safety® provides protection against scam, fraud, phishing and potentially malicious online content, as well as family protection from inappropriate websites.

The AVG Family Safety® mobile application is based on protection offered by AVG Family Safety® software and on AVG LinkScanner® technologies. The browser comes on top of the built-in mobile security provided by Windows® Phone operating system and Internet Explorer.

What are the key benefits of using AVG Family Safety® mobile browser?

The benefits of using the AVG Family Safety® mobile browser include the following:

  1. You only visit safe websites. Websites that contain malicious, scam, or malware content will be blocked based on data provided by AVG’s LinkScanner® technology. You will be notified of suspicious websites and access to them will be prevented.
  2. Your children are kept safe from accessing inappropriate content on mobile devices. Websites that are deemed inappropriate based on AVG Family Safety® account and customized profiles will be blocked with the blocked category displayed on the screen.

System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements for installing and running AVG Family Safety®?

To install and run AVG Family Safety®, you need a mobile device running Windows® Phone version 7.5 (Mango) or higher.

Download & Installation

Where can I download AVG Family Safety®?

You can download AVG Family Safety® from the Windows® Phone Marketplace:

  1. Launch the Marketplace app on your mobile device.
  2. On the Marketplace app, search for the term AVG Family Safety®.
  3. On the search results screen, click on the AVG Family Safety® icon.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the download process.

Internet Explorer is my default browser. Does AVG Family Safety® replace it?

AVG Family Safety® is an alternative browser to Internet Explorer® and it does not automatically replace Internet Explorer. However, by making AVG Family Safety® your preferred browser, you can enjoy an enhanced set of security features that are not offered by Internet Explorer.

Can I make AVG Family Safety® my default browser?

On the Windows® Phone operating system it is not possible to make AVG Family Safety® your default mobile browser. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use AVG Family Safety® as your preferred browser for surfing the web.

Does AVG Family Safety® support the Kid’s Corner feature of Windows Phone 8?

Yes. Starting with AVG Family Safety® version 3, the app supports using the newly introduced Kid’s Corner feature of the Windows Phone 8 operating system. The benefit of using the AVG Family Safety browser within the Kid’s Corner feature is that it allows you to set the AVG Family Safety browser as the only mobile browser for your kid’s use.

For how to use the Kid’s Corner feature, please read the Windows Phone FAQ.

What languages are supported by AVG Family Safety® for Windows Phone?

AVG Family Safety® for Windows Phone supports only English at this time.

Value-added Features

Do I need an AVG Family Safety account to use AVG Family Safety® on my mobile?

It is not necessary to have an AVG Family Safety® account in order to use AVG Family Safety® on your mobile.

However, if you do not have an account, the mobile app is only able to block the following web filtering categories:
Family Safety categories

To enjoy the added benefit of full protection offered by the AVG Family Safety® mobile app, it is recommended to purchase AVG Family Safety® PC software and create an account.

I already have an AVG Family Safety® account. How can I improve my protection using the AVG Family Safety® mobile app?

Using your AVG Family Safety® account, you will be able to set up unique and more sophisticated security profiles and apply them to specific mobile devices in your household.

When you open AVG Family Safety® for mobile on one of these devices, you will be prompted to supply your AVG Family Safety® account credentials (this is a one-time requirement - you will not be prompted to enter your credentials again).

After you enter your credentials, AVG Family Safety® browser will follow the restrictions and limitations you defined in the profile assigned to this device.

How do I create an AVG Family Safety® account?

To create an AVG Family Safety account, go to, click on Create Account and follow the instructions on the screen.

Are all AVG Family Safety® features supported on AVG Family Safety® for Windows Phone?

Most of AVG Family Safety® features are supported on AVG Family Safety® for Windows Phone. However, the following security settings are not supported at present:

  • Media
  • Options > Safety lock
  • Options > File extension blocking
  • Options > Warn message / Monitor
  • Options > iCat
  • Alerts > 'Set up Parental Alerts for Blocked'

Help & Support

What support is available for AVG Family Safety®?

All users are welcome to read our FAQ section which is constantly being updated with new questions and answers.

If you encountered a technical issue or if you have a question regarding AVG Family Safety®, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Where can I read the AVG Family Safety® privacy policy statement?

To read our privacy policy statement, please click here.

Where can I read the AVG Family Safety® terms of service?

To read our terms of service, please click here.

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